About Us

You deserve patient-centered care delivered straight to your door. Care2U is here.
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The Care2U Team

Andrew Sama, MD, FACEP
Executive Chairman

Kevin G. Munjal, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer

John J. Bayeux III
Director of Business Development

David Kim, MD MBA
Board Advisor

Meredith Meyka, RN, CEN
Director of Nursing & Field Operations

Rich Straub EMT-P
Director of Community Paramedicine

Allen Dine
Chief of Staff

Dr. Gloria Nimo, DNP, MSN, NP-C
Transitional Care Specialist

Stefan Muehlbauer, MD, PhD, FACEP
Clinical Lab Director

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Meeting The Challenge

Common Challenges facing
Homebound Patients

Care2U Solutions

Frequent Utilization of ED

On-demand Care for common chronic conditions (CHF, COPD, Cellulitis, Pneumonia, Diabetes, MI)

Minimal family and social support

Geriatric Social Worker follow-up to arrange food
and home security, healthcare access

Limited Access to Transportation

In-home care model with RNs & EMTs, guided by experienced Emergency Physicians

Limited Access / Familiarity with Telehealth

RN & EMT will facilitate the entire tele-visit, using modern telecommunications equipment

High Clinical Complexity

Physician-guided visits with infrastructure for HCC code capture and RAF scoring