In a world where healthcare has always required patients to go to a doctor’s office or facility to receive treatment, we are making a change. Care2U brings healthcare to you. Our services offer you an experience that connects traditional health care and treatment that is more patient-centered. Our patients drive our motivation and attitude toward service, as we prioritize our patient’s needs and personal circumstances in all that we do. By meeting you right at your doorstep, we take some of the stress away that comes with being sick or needing treatment. No matter where you happen to be, whether at home, at work, or on the go, we can connect you with one of our professional team members to get you the treatment you need. Our EMTs, RNs, Nurse Practitioners, and other healthcare professionals deliver the best service in all of Brooklyn and beyond. Our goal is to provide personal healthcare in the moments when you need it most. Consider some of our services and book an appointment with us today: 

Urgent Care @ Home

When you are under the weather and not feeling your best, the last thing you want to do is leave your bed. We get it! That’s why we provide the top, most affordable home care for NYC residents. For services starting at only $149, you can receive a home visit that includes one of our Care2U Mobile Care Technicians coming to you for an in-person visit, an ER Physician Consultant joining the visit via telehealth, a comprehensive assessment with a physical and medical history, diagnostic testing, and an electronic prescription. We have all the capabilities of traditional urgent care, as we can answer all patient questions, run necessary tests, and prescribe medicine. You no longer need to leave the comfort of your home to receive exceptional patient care. 

Preventative Care Visits

In addition to  Urgent Care at Home, we also provide preventative care for patients in need of non-urgent treatment. Starting at $149, you will receive all of the clinical abilities of traditional urgent care during a pre-scheduled appointment with our team of professionals. Our Care Technicians and ER Physicians will run a thorough evaluation and assessment to prevent any unnecessary trips to the ER. 

Telehealth MD Consultation

In the new age of digital everything, we have adapted to ensure that you receive premium healthcare treatment and assessments, even through the screen. By scheduling an appointment with an ER Physician, you can receive expert advice on symptoms, conditions, and more. Our telehealth consultation services are only $99, allowing you to receive the utmost care for an affordable price. We currently partner with many insurance companies, ensuring that you can afford our top-notch services. 

Care2U Brings the Care To You

Trust in our team of expert professionals for all things healthcare. We are dedicated to meeting you wherever you are, so you have one less thing to worry about while you are sick or in need of treatment. Our services in Brooklyn, NY, are the best in town, and we are committed to putting our patients first. Call us at 833-433-CARE or click our link to book your next appointment.