Do you feel like the worst part about getting sick or hurt is the hassle of going to the doctor’s office? Between needing transportation, gas prices, long waits, uncomfortable rooms, and lack of privacy, some people feel like it is not even worth it to get checked out and properly treated for an ailment.

If that sounds like you or somebody you know, let Care2U solve all your problems. Care2U is an urgent care at-home service that brings the doctor’s visit to you! A mobile medical practice and health company, Care2U delivers the healthcare you need directly to your home in Riverhead to help you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room or urgent care center. 

What Does Care2U Treat

The board-certified clinicians and registered nurses at Care2U are qualified to diagnose and treat anything a normal urgent care office could. They can treat non-life-threatening medical conditions such as symptoms from a cold or flu, dehydration, pneumonia, UTIs, Cellulitis, COPD, and CHF exacerbation, among others. In addition, our clinicians can perform X-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, Echos, and wound care needs, as well as administer IV fluids or antibiotics. 

Benefits of At-Home Urgent Care Services 

If you are not familiar with receiving at-home urgent care, there are many benefits to taking advantage of this service. The same team of RNs and clinicians that would treat you at a traditional medical office bring all of the clinical capabilities into your home to make things as easy as possible for you, 


The most obvious advantage of Care2U’s at-home urgent care services is the convenience of not leaving your house. Depending on your injury or age, avoid worrying about driving or finding a ride to the doctor’s office by having them come to you. Continue going about your day and getting things done at your home while you wait for the doorbell to ring for your appointment instead of sitting in a waiting room all day. Save time, energy, and money while our team comes to you.


We all know that when we are sick, the last thing we want to do is get out of bed, never mind leaving the house. Stay in sweatpants and rest comfortably on your couch with a bowl of soup and still receive the expert care and treatment you need. Sometimes, an illness or injury can make it extremely difficult to leave the house. Care2U makes it so you do not have to and can remain as comfortable as possible until you feel better. 


Hospitals and Urgent Care offices saw a huge trend during the pandemic of people with non-COVID-19 related illnesses avoiding hospitals and doctors’ offices for fear of being exposed. With Care2U, you do not have to worry about catching anything in a crowded lobby or waiting room anymore. Remain in your private space and avoid cross-contamination with other patients to remain safe and prevent further complications. 

Care2U In-Home Services 

Gone are the days of nervously waiting in a crowded room for a doctor to call your name all day. You deserve patient-centered care delivered straight to your door. Care2U brings certified in-home high acuity care directly to your home in Riverhead to keep you as comfortable and safe as possible while receiving the treatment and care you need. Contact us today at 833-433-CARE to learn more.