Benefits of In-Home Health Services

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For many, going to the doctor’s office for an appointment is an inconvenience to one’s day. It requires you to take off work, drive to the office, sit in a waiting room, and then wait even longer for your doctor to be ready. Thanks to advancements in telehealth, telecommunications, and other technologies in the medical field, in-home health services are more feasible than ever and patients, especially older adults and vulnerable populations, no longer have to endure this disruption to their day. Care2U is pioneering this transition to in-home acute and chronic health care services.

The Care2U Difference

For too long the healthcare system has been designed around the provider, requiring patients to leave their homes and come to an institution to receive care and treatment, either in an emergent/urgent situation, on a scheduled basis, or for procedures. This can often be inconvenient due to long wait times, traveling across the city, and can prove to be hazardous and dangerous for those with multiple comorbidities or cognitive or mobility impairment. Over recent years, we have seen services begin to switch some services over to the home, often leveraging telehealth. However, these services are not widely available at scale and still are not available on-demand in urgent or emergent situations. Care2U looks to solve this problem by coordinating truly patient-centered care, by bringing the care directly to the patient in their home, when and where they need it most. We bring the hospital/urgent care setting to you, in the home, and we leverage both services in person and via telehealth, which is a differentiating factor in the industry, compared to our competitors.

What are the Benefits of In-Home Care?

In-home health care boasts a number of amazing benefits. To begin, receiving health care in your home instead of a hospital or doctor’s office can save you time. In-home health care brings a level of patient comfort that isn’t possible in regular health care settings. Patient-centered care is focused on alleviating the fear and anxiety many experiences in a hospital or doctor’s office. Patients who use in-home health care services also enjoy personalized care. The one-on-one attention an in-home health care team brings builds a trusting, comfortable relationship. With in-person health services, you are no longer just a number on the waiting list at a doctor’s office.


In-Home Health Services Near You

Once you make the transition, you will discover that there are so many more benefits of in-home care than just the ones mentioned above. In-home health services are beneficial for everyone, no matter your age or lifestyle. If you’re ready to make the switch, instead of searching “best in-home doctor near me,” allow us to introduce you to Care2U.

Care2U is a physician-led digital health company dedicated to delivering mobile integrated healthcare services to patients in their homes. We’ve redesigned healthcare to be centered around you, the patient, instead of us, the providers. Our health care team will provide you or your loved one with exceptional services with an emphasis on creating a trusting and personalized relationship. Contact us today to see how we can help!