Everyone deserves to receive proper health care and treatment when they need it. At Care2U, we go above and beyond proper care. We provide nothing but exceptional service for all of our patients. We know that dealing with doctors’ offices and facilities while sick or ill can only add to the stress you are already feeling. That’s why our team comes right to your front door. No longer will you need to get up and out of bed to get the proper care. We provide in-home medical assistance to ensure you remain comfortable and cared for in your most vulnerable states. 

Costs of transportation, lack of social support, limited access to telehealth, and high clinical complexity are only some of the problems many patients face. With Care2U, we have the capabilities to address any of these issues. We have services ranging from Urgent Care treatment at home to Preventative Care treatment for those with non-urgent matters. In addition to these primary services, we offer customizable home care with add-ins and additional treatments. Consider some of our supplementary services when booking your next appointment: 

From Big Home Care…

With our services, you can receive treatments like you would in any hospital or urgent care. We have the capabilities of other, more traditional facilities and can run various diagnostic tests to ensure your safety and health. We have radiology and ultrasound services that allow you to gain the knowledge needed to properly understand and treat your current diagnosis. With EKG services and professionals, Care2U is here to help you get the treatment you need to prevent serious problems down the line. Trying to get larger services, such as these in Manhattan, can be near impossible, not to mention expensive. But with our services, you will get the exceptional care you deserve in no time, and without breaking the bank. 

… To Small Home Care

While we have the machines and tests available to run diagnostic tests, we also have smaller capabilities to match even the slightest of needs you may have. We have IV Placement and Hydration services that will get you back on your feet in no time. We can also run rapid Covid-19 antigen and PCR tests for your convenience to ensure you are healthy at all times. With our customizable home care options, you will get all the treatment you need, and then some when you rely on our team of caring, expert professionals.

We Accept Insurance

At Care2U, we partner with most leading insurance companies to continue our mission of providing convenient services to all our patients. Just as our healthcare treatments are convenient, as we show up right at your door, our payment options are just as easy. If you would like to confirm a particular plan, call our office at 833-433-CARE, and a staff member will be eager to help you! Our services are meant to serve everyone, and we promise to provide nothing but the best for all of our patients.