Let's improve the lives of our patients


Healthcare is changing, and at Care2U, we are adapting.

At Care2U, we are transforming the way patients receive healthcare.

We work with a vast array of industry partners to support patients in their communities with Urgent and Emergent-level care capabilities.

I’m a Physician

Care2U supports physicians in caring for their patients in the community. We can respond to acute care needs for your patients, and can also facilitate telehealth visits for you and your patients, streamlining communication and accessibility. Care2U clinicians can implement remote patient monitoring to identify and manage escalations among your patients in the community.


I Manage Risk for Aging Populations

Care2U supports patients transitioning between different levels of care by implementing Transitional Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and our clinical escalations of care protocols. We find that the first days and weeks after transitioning home from a hospital or skilled nursing facility are critical for the overall health and recovery of a patient. Our clinicians coordinate with Skilled Nursing Facilities & Hospitals, Assisted Living Communities, Home Care Agencies, Care Managers, and other professionals to ensure a holistic and patient-centered care plan is adopted. Ongoing, we work with partners to manage, triage, and assess urgent & emergent care needs, to keep patients out of the ER.

I Work for an ACO, Health System, or Payors

Care2U clinicians and coordinators work to improve Risk Adjustment Documentation, and ED & Admission Avoidance by implementing solutions for managing clinical escalations of care, transitional care, and remote patient monitoring services.


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Healthcare is usually designed around the providers…

Patients do the traveling

Long wait times

Often inconvenient

Negative patient experience

Lost worker productivity


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Redesign healthcare to be centered around the patient’s needs!

Deliver Care in the Home

Leverage technology to reduce travel time

Provide convenience while maintaining quality

Make patient satisfaction a priority clinical outcome

Improve worker productivity