At Care2U, we believe you deserve patient-centered care delivered straight to your door. As the leading mobile health company, we provide on-demand urgent care visits to patients at their homes. From preventative care to transitional care support or ongoing acute care, our team of care specialists and registered nurses provide the same care and treatment at your home as you would receive in a traditional urgent care or doctor’s office.

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive care is a healthcare service you receive from a doctor when there is not necessarily anything wrong with you. An example of a preventive care service is an annual check-up or physical. When a doctor is not looking for something specific, just giving you a full exam to check all areas of your health. This is crucial for detecting any health concerns early before they become more severe problems. Mammograms and colonoscopies are also common forms of preventative care individuals should receive. Preventive care can also include yearly flu shots and vaccinations. All of these preventive care measures can be administered by our team of specialists and RNs at Care2U.

Benefits of Preventive Care

The best part of preventive care is that it is free to you. If you have health insurance, most plans are required by law to cover preventive health services 100%. Yes, this even includes at-home care with Care2U. We partnered with most leading insurance companies offered on Long Island, including Medicare. That means getting an annual screening will not cost you a penny. Routine check-ups are crucial for the early detection of potential medical problems, diseases, illnesses, or issues. The earlier you detect an issue, the sooner you can begin treatment and prevent more serious medical problems. Routine care is also a great way to set and stay focused on your personal health goals and measure and track your progress over time. 

At-Home Health Care

Maintaining a regular preventive care schedule is crucial to your long-term health, but let’s admit it can feel like an inconvenience in the short term. That is where at-home healthcare comes in. Care2U is a convenient way to easily fit your preventive care check-ups into a busy schedule. No more spending your whole day sitting in a busy waiting room and possibly exposing yourself to other germs and illnesses just for a check-up. Once you schedule your appointment with Care2U, you will be assigned an appointment window and can relax in your own home while you wait for a clinician to arrive. Avoid the stress and hassle of traveling to a busy office, and fit your preventive care check-up into your schedule while still receiving the care you need to live your healthiest life.

Call Care2U in Farmingdale, NY

From safe transitions home, in-home high acuity care, or in-home hospitalizations to enhanced telehealth, Care2U brings all of the medical treatment and care as traditional urgent care directly to your home on Long Island. Our clinicians and RNs can treat non-life threatening medical conditions, deliver IV fluids, and even perform an x-ray, ultrasounds, EKGs, and Echo testing. Receive treatment for illness, wounds, and injuries, or just schedule your regular preventive care check-up. Call Care2U today to make sure your health is on track and you continue to live a healthy life!