The world of healthcare often requires patients to physically go to their doctor’s office to receive treatment. With Care2U, we bring healthcare to you. Our services offer you an experience that connects traditional care services and treatment that is patient-centered care. By virtually meeting you in the comfort of your home, you will not need to stress about taking off work, finding a babysitter for your children, or even stressing about making it on time, you should be more focused on your health concerns. Care2U wants to focus on your health. Our EMTs, Rns, and Nurse Practitioners will deliver the best service to our community in Nassau County. Our goal is to provide personal healthcare in the moments when you need it the most. Consider our services and book an appointment today on our website or by calling us at 833-433-CARE. 

What Is Transitional Care?

After being discharged from a hospital due to a serious illness or surgery, you may not be ready to be on your own at home. To help with this gap, you may attend a short-term rehabilitation center which is also known as a transitional care facility. Transitional care services are patient-centered care focusing on helping patients get back on their feet safely. During your stay at the transitional care center, you might receive different types of therapies, such as physical, occupational, or speech. The staff will help you on the road to recovery and back to your daily life. 

Why Are Transitional Care Services Beneficial to You?

When being discharged from a hospital, or rehab center, it’s highly encouraged to have a complete plan for your patient-centered care at home. Transitional care is a great option if your condition is complex or there is a chance of readmission. 

When Are You Able to Be Discharged From a Transitional Care Center?

The time of your stay depends on several factors, including what type of procedure or surgery you have had, your responses to therapy, and your stability of chronic illness. Once you are released from the facility, it’s important to consider: 

Just like our medical care services are convenient to you, the cost of a visit with our team at Care2U is also convenient. Our mission is to ensure we are delivering high-quality care to your home at an affordable price. When you give us a call or request a visit, our team assigns you the next available appointment we have. We have all of the technical capabilities of traditional urgent care, and we assure you that all prescriptions will reach your pharmacy in no time, along with all your questions to be answered. Book a visit through our website or call us today at 833-433-CARE.