How We Work

Here at Care2U, we are open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM. You can book your appointment online or by phone at 822-433-CARE. We will deliver your urgent care covid test on-demand to you wherever you are located. Upon our arrival, our healthcare professionals will immediately evaluate you and your condition and connect you with our clinicians online through our telehealth services. A Care2U clinician can provide care for you for needs such as clinical assessment, specimen collection, EKG, IV administration, and more. We want to bring healthcare to the comfort of your own New York City home.

Urgent Care COVID Test

Our team of clinicians wants to make it convenient and comfortable for you to obtain a COVID test. With our COVID rapid PCR testing, you will receive your test results in 6 hours or sooner. You can call for expedited results if needed. The rapid test costs $199. You will receive your COVID PCR results within 24 to 48 hours and this test costs $99. Our care technicians will provide you with almost immediate results with our COVID antigen test which costs $99. All of our testing options are available to book online to make it more convenient for you.

Cost and Insurance 

Similar to our convenient services, our costs are convenient and affordable as well. While we do strongly encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider about your coverage, we have a flat billing rate delivery fee of $149 per visit. We are partnered with many leading insurance companies, including Medicare, and our services are HSA/FSA eligible as well. If you are choosing to pay out of pocket or are not covered by insurance, our flat-rate starts at $350 per visit.

Benefits of At Home/In-Home Health Services

There are many benefits of in-home health services. Going to a doctor’s office in New York City requires you to take time off from your busy day, but Care2U brings quick and affordable healthcare services directly to your home. There are also no long lines or waiting rooms with Care2U. This helps make health services more attainable than ever before. No matter how old you are or whatever your lifestyle may be, in-home health services will make your life so much easier with their convenience. We will provide you with same-day services at an affordable price. 

Why Choose Care2U for your Urgent Care COVID Test?

Our team of clinicians wants to make it easier for you to obtain healthcare. With our online, urgent care center, we can provide same-day care and testing delivered straight to your home in New York City. This will help you avoid long wait times and crowds and make it more convenient and comfortable for you, with less disruption to your work or schooling. Our mission is to deliver immediate, emergency-level care to you whenever and wherever you need it at an affordable price. Book your urgent care COVID test online or over the phone. Schedule your care online or by calling us at 833-433-CARE. Our team of healthcare professionals is happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have!