With the world becoming a more technology-savvy atmosphere, anything you need is at the tip of your fingers. Amid the pandemic, events, doctor appointments, school, and many other things were moved to a virtual-based atmosphere. That is why Care2U is different from other medical practices. If you live in Suffolk County and are searching for the nearest office that offers an urgent care virtual visit, stop your search and call Care2U in Suffolk County. 

The Pros of Virtual Health Visits

Lives can be hectic, especially during this time of year with holidays around the corner; that is why Care2U’s virtual urgent care is here to help you when you need medical help.


Doctors’ visits can be stressful and uncomfortable at times. Our online urgent care allows you to be open and more comfortable when discussing your health with a doctor. You can be comfortable in your own home while discussing these health concerns you might have. 


With an online urgent care practice, you can get on the telehealth call immediately and talk to your doctor from any location. Depending on how far your doctor’s office is and how long you wait in the waiting room, it can take up time in your day that you might have booked for other conveniences. Virtual visits also allow you to avoid taking off work or finding a babysitter for your little ones. 


With virtual telehealth visits, you can get the same high level of care right from your own home that you would receive from a doctor’s office. 


This practice of virtual urgent care can prevent you from being exposed to illnesses in a doctor’s office. With flu season around the corner, it can be easy for you to get sick while sitting in a doctor’s office, but with telehealth visits, you are safe in your own home. 

What Can Be Treated With a Virtual Visit?

Surprisingly, many illnesses can be treated virtually rather than in-person. 

When to Visit the Emergency Room or Closest Urgent Care?

Sometimes in-person visits are required. It is highly recommended to visit the nearest urgent care center or emergency room if you need:

With our team of licensed professionals, our virtual urgent care services are not only convenient but will leave you feeling more confident and better in no time. Care2U wants to prevent trips to the emergency room. We deliver healthcare right to your own home. We assure you that your prescriptions and medical records will reach your pharmacy and family doctor’s office. 

Book a visit directly on our website or by calling us at 833-433-CARE.